Intenso - Espresso

Looking for something stronger?

Intenso will wake you up and keep you going. It is a blend made with the Castillo and Caturra varieties, both varieties are of single-origin, high mountain coffee and organically produced. After mixing it, we got a special blend for espresso lovers.

Medium-dark bodied and full of brioche aroma, our Intenso Varietal of Colombian coffee beans offers subtle flavours of cola, dark malt and dates. Our beans are certified by the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers, a benchmark of quality.

Because it is a medium-dark coffee, you can use it in your Espresso machine but also for those who want to enjoy a coffee with intense notes, you can prepare this coffee in your Chemex, French press, V60, etc.

Although it has a medium-dark roast, this coffee is stomach-friendly, has a good body, and most importantly, it is delicious.

SCAA Score: 86