Sachet Kit
Sachet Kit
Sachet Kit
Sachet Kit
Sachet Kit
Sachet Kit
Sachet Kit

Sachet Kit

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Cups of love!

Are you ready to get a kit of Natural, Castillo, Caturra, Exotico, and Intenso bundled together? 

Yes! you will get 5 packets of 50 gr of each varietal. After trying all of them, you will decide which varietal you love most!

Our Caturra Varietal of Colombian coffee beans will awaken your senses with intense flavours of berry, caramel, vanilla, and white chocolate. Our single-origin beans are medium-bodied, with aromas of caramel, vanilla, and dulce de leche.

Medium-dark bodied and full of brioche aroma, our Intenso - Espresso Varietal of Colombian coffee beans offers subtle flavours of cola, dark malt and dates.

Exotic is a Geisha varietal. This coffee expresses notes of stone fruits such as peaches, plums, and Lychee.

Our  Natural Colombian coffee beans are delightfully medium-bodied with aromas of banana, cloves, chocolate, and cinnamon. Our single-origin beans are processed naturally, resulting in sweet flavours of grape, silky apple, and residual Caruba.

Finally, medium-bodied and bursting with citrus flavour, our Castillo Varietal of Colombian coffee beans offers subtle aromas of caramel, nut and chocolate.



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Our roots

We are the descendants of coffee growers, this passion for coffee comes from our origins, our families have been producing coffee for generations.

Each montañeros coffee bean is harvested by hand when it is fully ripped to ensure the best quality.

We are now taking our roots and wonderful past to the Canadian market, taking you to a great coffee-scented adventure.

Why choose us?

We are a local business

We are a colombian family based in Windsor, here we are making our dream of sharing the knowledge on coffee and our roots come true.

Support colombian montañeros

Each time you get our products, you are supporting colombian farmers and their families.

High quality products

As good montañeros, we put our heart and soul, making sure each one of our products is crafted with love so every cup of coffee is perfect.