Looking for something stronger?

Experience the rich and invigorating taste of our strong, expertly roasted coffee.

Intenso will wake you up and keep you going. It is a blend made with the Castillo and Caturra varieties, both varieties are of single-origin, high-mountain coffee and organically produced. After mixing it, we got a special blend for espresso lovers. Medium-dark bodied and full of brioche aroma, our Intenso Varietal of Colombian coffee beans offers subtle flavours of cola, dark malt, and dates.

Because it is a medium-dark coffee, you can use it in your Espresso machine but also for those who want to enjoy a coffee with intense notes, you can prepare this coffee in your Chemex, French press, V60, etc.

Although it has a medium-dark roast, this coffee is stomach-friendly, has a good body, and most importantly, it is delicious. Remember that all our beans are certified by the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers, a quality benchmark.


The Best Coffee to Drink

The best coffee is the one you like; prepared in the way you like. However, coffee aficionados offer the following tips for the best tasting coffee:

  • Enjoy coffees of unique and traceable origin (Single Origin). Generally, these coffees are of higher quality.
  • Brew coffee with water between 195°F and 205°F (90 ℃ – 95 ℃).
  • Drink medium roasted coffee. This allows you to appreciate the aromas and nectars of each grain, this means the coffee you bought is of excellent quality.
  • Buy just whole beans and grind at home in each preparation.
  • Always use filtered water in your preparations.
  • Use a simple method of preparation such as the French press, V60 or Chemex.
  • Try to enjoy coffee without sugar, cream or milk. A good coffee has natural nectars that make its taste sweet and pleasant. It is very healthy.
  • Finally, enjoy it in the company of those you love most.