The Magic of Montañeros Coffee: A Brief History

The Magic of Montañeros Coffee: A Brief History


My name is Wilmer Hernández and I was born in Colombia within a community of small coffee-growing  families who have produced coffee for generations. My time spent in this community has allowed me to learn everything about coffee production and the passion it takes to brew the best coffee in the world. Working alongside talented coffee farmers has allowed me to master every step of the coffee-growing process, from knowing when the perfect moment to harvest the cherries are to determining the perfect temperature for roasting the coffee beans. The passion and energy that charged my loved for the world of coffee is something I’m dedicated to re-creating here at Montañeros, and is the driving force behind everything we do.

The Early Years

coffee beansWhen I was a child growing up in Colombia, my earliest memories were from when my friends and I spent our days playing in the middle of a coffee plantation. We shared so many laughs as we created games out of doing our farm work, and these memories always bring a smile to my face and remind me of when life was simple and humble, yet full of great adventures.

At the farm, we were always accompanied by furry friends. Cows, horses, cats and dogs always accompanied me as I worked, and among them Dulce miel, Scott and Tony were my trusty sidekicks from the beginning to the end of the day. During my days at the farm, the animals were always my favourite friends.

I attended a small school in the village where I was born. Here I learned how to read and write, but most importantly, I met amazing childhood friends. Everyone has those—the types of friends you’ll never forget, no matter how old you are. Even though I’m thousands of miles away now, I will always remember those fond memories with a great smile. I shared my passion for coffee with these friends, which despite all the time that has passed, our passion continues to unite us.

A Family Affair

Ever since I was a young boy, my family taught me the importance of producing coffee. They sparked my love for each and every bean, and with them helping me along every step of the way, they taught me the patience and dedication it takes to produce the best coffee in the world. After long and entertaining talks, my father would share stories about coffee and how rewarding it was to produce a drink that the whole world would enjoy.

Montaneros family sitting in a coffee plantation field

The word coffee is synonymous with the family union: from the beginning of the production stage where families work as a team to produce beans full of fragrances, aroma and flavours, until the end, where families from all over the world enjoy a cup of coffee every morning at the table. There’s something magical about this process. At the end of the day, we all end up speaking the same language: the language of love and friendship….the coffee language.

From Bean to Cup

coffee farmersProducing coffee is always accompanied by perseverance, effort and love for the craft. I learned to never give up after planting the seeds, as we must wait two years to collect the first fruits. And waiting is only the tip of the iceberg. The plants have to be cared for and pampered so they grow strong and withstand the inclemency of tropical climates, fight against pests and disease, and thus manages to provide us with the best fruits in each harvest.

The coffee business is demanding, but at the same time rewarding. You must work hard to achieve great results, as this is more than a business, it’s a lifestyle. And the secret to achieving the perfect cup of coffee is not doing it for the money, it’s doing it to feel the passion and the love that comes with bringing together the coffee community.

It’s to live each moment with intensity, sow the seed, fertilize the land and water it constantly, and be thankful for the fruits that you will receive.

colombia mountains

The Magic of the Mountains

I am so grateful for this life and the opportunity it has provided me to live in Canada. I’m thankful for being able to learn a new language, which continues to be a great challenge for me, discovering Canada’s wonderful culture and meeting incredible people every day. The new life that I started in Canada allowed me to get back to my coffee roots and bring together two countries through the same passion…..a cup of coffee.

Our goal at Montañeros is to provide the best of our coffee culture through memorable experiences. And to take the best-quality coffee in the world and bring it locally to your home.

I am happy to continue my family’s coffee legacy through sharing our history and the origin of our coffee culture. Today I am proud of my roots, my community and everything I’ve learned. And it’s now my responsibility share our coffee culture with the world and teach the magic of community-produced coffee, and the magic and  flavours of our Colombian mountains.

Mountains in Colombia

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