Montañeros are big-hearted and warm people, farmers and coffee growers. They take pride in what they do, live in harmony with nature and love the mountains: their most precious treasure. It is thanks to the Montañeros that we can enjoy The Magic of Coffee.

This magic begins at dawn, when the scents of the mountain awake. These scents become texture and flavour - bitter and sweet - and this perfect combination makes the best coffee in the world.

To ensure the highest quality coffee for the Canadian market,
every Montañeros coffee bean is grown in a microlot,
harvested by hand, and selected among only the best

This all happens in the village of Patio Bonito in the municipality of Samaná, department of Caldas, Colombia, where we produce our coffee and where, many years ago, this passion for coffee was born. This passion is in our blood. It was passed to us by the many generations of coffee growers in our family. Now we are so excited to share this legacy, and the best coffee in the world, with you.

How We're Unique

  • Our coffee is grown in microlots and picked by hand. Only the best beans of each harvest are selected. Each microlot is processed separately. 
  • To us, producing coffee is more than a business. It’s a lifestyle. 
  • Our coffee is purchased directly from our families and coffee growers in Samaná, Caldas, Colombia. 
  • All our coffee is fresh. We do not store beans. We ship by air to reduce transport times and ensure fresh coffee in every cup. 
  • Our coffee farms are located on steep mountains at an elevation of between 1,500 and 1,700 metres about sea level.  
  • Our coffee contains natural nectars added by bees, butterflies and birds as they pollenate the plants. These nectars give our coffee notes of berry, lime, mandarin, caramel, dulce de leche, almond, panela and others. 
  • Coffee brings us joy. From farm to table, every step is carried out with passion. This is the magic of our coffee. 
  • Our coffee is grown in microlots by coffee growing families. Each harvest is hand picked to ensure the quality of each bean. 
  • We only grow Arabica varietals certified by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. These varietals are well-known for their smoothness and high quality. 
  • Your health matters to us. That’s why we offer healthy and fresh coffee that is free of preservatives and addictive additives. Our product is 100% coffee. 
  • We have been producing coffee for generations. We know what we’re doing and we innovate, so you only get the best. We produce specialty coffee using several processing methods. An example is our Castillo Natural coffee, which presents exotic flavours such as dark chocolate, wine, clove, and cinnamon. 


Our coffee is produced sustainably, allowing for harmony with nature. Our farms are surrounded by streams and tropical forests, which give each harvest the unique attributes of the region.

Our packaging is made of 100% sugarcane paper, which is 80% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

For us, climate change is top of mind. To grow coffee sustainable, we also grow cocoa, plantain, banana, avocado, and native trees. We manage pests and disease organically. We do not use pesticides.