We are pleased to offer you the best fruits of our Colombian land.

Now you can enjoy the pleasures of life expressed in a cup of the best coffee in the world. 

Bourbon Rosado is a varietal of the Arabica species that produces unique profiles in each cup. it is an exotic variety produced just in small batches in the Municipality of Acevedo, Huila. This variety allows us to enjoy unique, floral and fruity profiles.

Our crops are surrounded by tropical forests in one of the most biodiverse places on earth. This gives our coffee its unique terroir and natural sugars. 



The best coffee is the one you like; prepared in the way you like. However, coffee aficionados offer the following tips for the best tasting coffee:

  • Enjoy coffees of unique and traceable origin (Single Origin). Generally, these coffees are of higher quality.
  • Brew coffee with water between 195°F and 205°F (90 ℃ – 95 ℃).
  • Drink medium roasted coffee. This allows you to appreciate the aromas and nectars of each grain, this means the coffee you bought is of excellent quality.
  • Buy just whole beans and grind at home in each preparation.
  • Always use filtered water in your preparations.
  • Use a simple method of preparation such as the French press, V60 or Chemex.
  • Try to enjoy coffee without sugar, cream or milk. A good coffee has natural nectars that make its taste sweet and pleasant. It is very healthy.
  • Finally, enjoy it in the company of those you love most.