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Montañeros Coffee is dedicated to selling the best specialty coffee in Canada.

We partners directly with Colombian farmers to produce specialty coffee that is sustainable, ethical, and most importantly, delicious. 

The best coffee beans are roasted by one of our roaster partners in Guelph, Ontario.

As a Colombian coffee brand in Canada, we believe that local businesses are an integral part of a neighbourhood's character.

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Learn more about how to make the worlds best coffee using a French Press


There is a direct relationship between coffee grind size and over/under-extracted coffee. We’re diving into why matching the perfect grind size to your coffee maker at home is crucial for extracting the perfect amount of flavour.

Specialty coffee is an artisanal level of brewing that focuses on freshness, expertise, and quality from all aspects of supply chain starting from how coffee beans are grown to how your coffee is brewed.

So how do you know if you’re drinking specialty coffee? Here are a few indicators:

It may sound hard to believe, but that beloved bag of pre-grounded coffee you’ve been buying from the grocery store is stale. The solution: Investing in a great coffee grinder is the key to stepping up your coffee game.  
This coffee pays fair to our montañeros friends

What they're saying

The best coffee that i have tried in my entire life. This changed the way that i see and drink coffee. Perfect flavor, texture and aroma. Highly recommend it!

Indira Fajardo

Outstanding quality and service! I placed my Christmas orders through Montaneros, the level of care that went into each package and it’s wrapping was truly outstanding! The gifts were a huge hit and so couldn’t be happier with the customer service provided :) A must have for all future gifts!

Rachelle Kucher

The best coffee ever, i love it. It's simply delicious.

Melissa Zuleta Muñoz

The most delicious coffee i've ever tasted. The most special thing is its rural and peasant origin. An original and awesome flavor!!!

Juan Felipe Moreno