Montañeros Cold Brew Coffee

Montañeros Cold Brew Coffee

You’ve probably seen it popping up on every coffee shop’s menu, but what is cold brew coffee? And how is it different from iced coffee?

Cold brew looks similar to iced coffee, but the process of brewing this delicious beverage involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time, usually for about 12-24 hours. After the coffee grounds have been steeped, they are filtered out of the water and served over ice.

Montañeros Cold Brew Coffee

Montañeros Cold Brew Coffee

Montañeros Cold Brew Coffee is steeped for 18 hours without ever touching hot temperatures, resulting in a refreshing drink that’s smooth, sweet and unlike any other cold brew you’ve had before. Our cold brew is unique because it’s handcrafted with 100% Colombian coffee beans and made in small batches without the use of  artificial flavours, preservatives or sugar. With flavour notes of winey fruit and milk chocolate, you’re sure to love our artisanal take on refreshing cold brew 

But how is this different from iced coffee? 

Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee 

While cold brew is steeped in cold water, regular iced coffee is brewed by having hot water drip over roasted coffee beans using a filter. Although this process is much faster, many people prefer the taste of cold brew as it’s smoother and sweeter than iced coffee. This is due to cold brew coffee grounds being free from high temperature exposure, resulting in less acidity.

The Health Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Montañeros Cold Brew CoffeeStudies have even shown that cold brew coffee contains almost 70% less acidity than regular iced coffee—which is a huge health benefit. Because cold brew contains less acidity, it will not aggravate your gut lining as much as drinking other caffeinated beverages, resulting in less inflammation. So not only does cold brew have a smoother taste, but it’s also much smoother during the digestive process as well.

And because coffee beans are more soluble at high temperatures, the cold brewing process also results in higher caffeine content per cup compared to regular iced coffee.

Where was Cold Brew Created? 

Although fairly new to the Western world, cold brew coffee originated in Kyoto, Japan, in the 1600s. The country has been using the cold brewing process for centuries, and cold brew is often called “Kyoto-style coffee” due to its popularity in the region.

If you’re feeling tempted to sip and savour cold brew coffee for yourself, try our best-selling Colombian Cold Brew Coffee, perfect for refreshing yourself on a hot summer day, or if you need a little mid-day caffeine kick.

Try it for yourself!

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